Traffic Is My Drug

Sometimes I make stuff for the internet. And sometimes that stuff finds an audience on Twitter. Collected below then: a sampling of tweets where said content has surfaced.


He's best known as the former "chief evangelist of Apple", which has to count for something.

Pouring one out for the video stores no longer with us. 😢

I'm the kind of writer you can take home to meet the brands.

High praise, amirite?

Like I said, the brands LOVE me.

Still one of my better headlines, tbh.

When Netflix wants to chill with your content.

Another holiday, another adorable cat video…

I've been this penguin, you've been this penguin, we've all been this penguin.


And the Oscar for Best Tweet goes to...

A sweet plug from one of BuzzFeed's star reporters.

More link love from the brands, in this case a leading publisher.

"Typically relegated to sidekick status (or worse) on the big screen, the humble rabbit takes center stage here in this new supercut..."

So cute you'll be puking rainbows.

"This band's my favorite man, don't ya love 'em?"

I stand by my original prediction!

Probably the nicest thing anyone has ever written about my videos.

I'm not even sure what this says. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Grumpy Cat tweeted about my work once. It was awful.

This megalist later got retweeted by the man himself.</humblebrag>

Kind words from a then-editor with BuzzFeed's Community vertical. She later went on to break the now infamous "Dress" that put the internet in a tizzy.

Why? Why not?

Poor little guy :(

When you get signal boosted by the Social Media Coordinator for the Golden State Warriors.


All my best tips and tricks edited into listicle form. 

Is there anything Chris Pratt can't do?

One of BuzzFeed's resident thought leaders thought-leadering.

When your work is translated into French...

...and Spanish.

"Sweat-drenched garments have ... played an important role in movie history, as demonstrated by 'Leisure On The Lens: Tracksuits In The Movies,' a new supercut by Travis Greenwood and Robert Jones."

A fun video that got picked up by one of Twitter's best film feeds.

My most successful and enduring post for The Dodo was this list spun around rabbits. More than three years after publication, it remains a staple in their social rotation.

With more than 14 million-plus followers, this was a good get.

A VICE affiliate had nice things to say about one of my supercuts.

I was really pleased with the way this pet project came together for Even better: the subject himself seems to agree!

Modest buzz for recent posts about Patrick Stewart and his loveable foster dog...

...Kika, a service dog fixed with a GoPro to capture the daily commute of a sightless Londoner...

...and a foster kitten that went missing, only to be found sleeping in a box (OF COURSE!) of Kleenex.

There's a Hawaiian sanctuary home to 600 rescued cats? Of course I will take a 45-minute ferry ride to visit that!

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