New Work For

Exciting news: For the last two months, I've been contributing at, a community of animal lovers with a rapidly growing social footprint!

Owned and operated by Leaf Group (formerly Demand Media), the property was founded in 2008 "as a place for pet parents to show off their critters" but pivoted last year to a new focus on trending animal news, viral videos, tutorials, and BuzzFeed-style listicles.

I've enjoyed working with their editorial team to identify stories that align with the site's demographic (which skews millennial and female), frame and sharpen pitches, and write (at least somewhat) to the AP style, something I've never really had to do previously. 

Highlights thus far include: this piece about a Redditor that cut a window into his fence so his dog could see the neighboring doggo (pictured above, left), this gallery of Star Wars dogs, this brief about Obama emptying out the joke book when he pardoned his final Thanksgiving turkey (sigh ... ), and this one about a British couple that's been recreating classic movie moments with their kittehs

I'm also eager to signal-boost my newest post, Some Cats Are Bold, But This One Scaling A Rock Wall Is Boulder (also above, right), because, well, I can't resist turning a dumb pun.

UPDATE: This profile of director James Gunn (Guardians Of The Galaxy, Slither) was a pet project that came together in a fun and fresh way. Even better: the subject himself seems to agree!</humblebrag>

UPDATE #2: I've been added to the masthead as a "Contributing Writer"!

UPDATE #3: Recent assignments have been piling up "Likes" and "Shares" on Facebook. Embedded below are some examples!

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